My ex-hates me, do you think he'll ever forgive me? Advice?

My ex-dumped me for the second time after I lost my temper over a photo he liked on FB. He was already angry because of a disagreement we had the previous week. I was going through a lot and wanted to spend time with him., so, I asked him could we go to the park and to get tacos. He said he'd let me know but never did. I told him I felt disappointed and like I wasn't a priority to him and that I needed a few days to clear my head. He angrily replied: " I was going to apologize but I'll give you the week or weeks you need. I know you going things and want me there but when I plan things shit happens. I'll give us space, bye". I replied but he ignored me. Each day that passed he added and liked pictures of provocative women despite knowing how I feel about it. Even so, I reached out to make amends but he ignored me again. I reached out 2 more times but he still ignored me. Finally, I lost it when he liked a photo of a girl with her shirt off.

I sent him the picture and said: "I can tolerate being ignored but I don't think I'll ever be okay with a man who likes these kinds of things. It's immature and disrespectful to me and our relationship because I carry myself to a higher standard. I give you my body, time, and affection. I don't entertain other men period. I've been stressed and worried about us all week but this is where your mind is at. I'm sorry for snooping and last week. To me, there aren't plenty of fish in the sea just one man who I can build a future with. So, it hurts. If you don't dump me over this, I need time". He replied "." and then blocked me. Immediately, I realized I overreacted. So, I tried to apologize from multiple accounts & begged him to stay. He blocked me each time. A week later, I sent him an apology letter via FedEx but he refused it. We've broken up over my emotions, insecurities, and trust issues in the past. Although, I want to move on I don't want him to hate me. 3+ years from now I want to be unblocked.


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  • sorry about the feeling that you're going through.
    If you still care about his feelings, then you won't be able to make a changes in your life.
    you should be more selfish about your feelings too... waiting to be the chosen one again will wast your time, and will consume all your feelings.

    be honest with yourself, and leave your emotions out of this relationship to know what do you want.
    you have more power in your life than you think... you can choose to stop living in fear, misery, pain, anger, regret, and sadness. maybe you can’t make this choice today, or this week, or even this month…but you may feel ready to choose to leave in the future.
    hold on to the fact that you are lovable, precious, valuable, and worthy of being loved and respected.

    take time to think about your priorities, and spend time with people who help you grow. live a life you’re proud of.

    Good luck...


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  • It was a bad idea sending him that. It does come across as controlling and as if you have uncontrollable jealously. That obviously comes from your own insecurity. We all have them.

    It's easy for anyone to say you overreacted, but it's not them who's emotionally attached to your boyfriend. Hun, you need to have more self- belief, and work on why you feel so insecure. You'll never feel happy with any guy unless you can control your jealousy , and work on your insecurity

    All you can do is tell someone how their behaviour affects you and hopefully they'll care enough to change their behaviour. If not, then you only have two choices- either change how you respond to their behaviour and accept they won't change , or walk away and make their behaviour a deal breaker


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  • he is an EX. your not going to be friends with him nor should you want to be. I would never be friends with an ex and I would never keep any on social media. when I break up I immediately unfriend them and remove them.

  • You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. If you think you can then I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you

    • I don't understand.

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    • You should be institutionalized for being a dick. If you were going to be rude you could've just ignored the question like everyone else. Bye.

    • Why do you care if he hates you? It's to leave the door open so you can be friends otherwise you couldn't care less what he felt.

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  • Let him hate, he's you're ex. Just move on and try to forget about it. If he forgives you fine, if he doesn't then than whatever. I wouldn't like my boyfriend liking provocative pictures of women either, regular profile pictures are fine.


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