Did he back out awhile ago?

So I'm actually unsure whether my boyfriend and I broke up, but for the last 2 weeks we have been arguing (over message) and he has gotten cold. No more sweet messages (when we do message), it'll go days w/out him messaging me etc. Did he already check out?


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  • Two weeks is a long time. What's it like when you two are together? Are you two still going out together and having sex? Is this even a real relationship or is this a distance/online only thing? I ask because you focus only on his behavior over messaging which seems strange. Isn't that like trying to determine if you're in financial trouble by looking at how full your refrigerator is rather than by looking at your bank account?

    • We are long distance and when we are together its amazing. I was supposed to go to him soon, in a month, but he cancelled that as well. I focus on messaging because that's the only connection I feel to him when we aren't together.

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  • Maybe.. ask him 🙁


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