How will he react if I delete him from bbm?

he said "you need to move on and so do I", we been through a lot of drama and he said so now he no longer wants to talk to me. I was going to delete him from bbm, once he sees I delete him will it phase him at all? how will he react?


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  • You shouldn't care what his reaction is. If you are deleting him to get a reaction from him, you are doing it for all the wrong reasons... You should be deleting it because you need to move on. Do it for you! He's out doin his own thing, you should too.

    Regardless, if you delete him, he probably still has your phone number right? If so, it's kinda immature to be honest. Just because he can't instant message you, doesn't mean he can't text you, call you. So you've eliminated one way he can get a hold of you... but it won't stop you from looking at your phone wondering about him... trust me, I know that feeling and I know it's not easy. So I totally understand. Be strong and confident and when you feel like you should be doing something to pull him back in, do nothing. This way you have no way to make the situation worse... Good luck to you.

    • I was deleting him to show him I'm done and I don't care anymore. I was going to delete him from my phone and everything. last time I deleted him and he went to bbm me he was in such a rush to get me back on his contacts but I feel like it won't phase him this time. I know if someone deleted me id be a little confused and hurt but maybe cause I'm a girl? I don't wanna look immature though..

    • I still leave the reason for doing it up to you. But the reaction part, you shouldn't care about. Now, like I mentioned because he still has other ways of getting a hold of you, it probably won't phase him as much as you think. If you are doing it for yourself, cool. But won't it be strong and confident of you to keep that a mystery & have him wonder why you haven't erased him yet, if that is what you have done in the past? Food for thought. Something to think about.

    • Ive only done it once in the past so I don't know what to do. I am doing it for both me and for his reaction. if it won't phase him at all though then I don't know if I want to

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  • he won't care. He's moved on. You should too. Sorry.

  • he won't care. he told you to move on and told you he didn't want to talk to you so its not like he will be upset or anything.


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