Why would she blow up?

During discussions, my ex is extremely defensive, she's always wanted me to "forgive and forget" the past prior to moving on, yet when we have any discussions where I'm taking a beating and use an old mistake of hers as an example, she goes absolutely ballistic, hangs up, wouldn't take a call for an hour, and then is really angry.

Does anyone have a clue why this might be happening?


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  • You are supposed to forgive and forget and not to mention it again

    • Although she readily uses the past against me?

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    • Well crap. Thank you for your insight.

    • No probs

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  • You already asked this before. What else do you hope to learn? Your ex is a bitch. End of.

    • You might be right, I think my context was different though.

      And this situation ended far worse.

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  • Well she apparently just hates when you don't forgive and forget bc bringing it back up is kinda like you're not forgiving her or forgetting... don't bring up past mistakes

    • Uhm, I would completely agree, but her biggest issue is that I cheated on her five years ago, she says she never really got over it, and she worries I'll do it again, even though in the last three years I've bought us a house, supported her while she "looked for work" for three years, and she says that I didn't give her enough attention.

      Seems to me that she's more interested in finding someone new, than she is in fixing things at home.

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    • Oh no, the last five years together, she's only been gone for three months.

    • Oh ok... I don't know maybe it is she left for another reason but I would get another opinion on this bc like I said I really am not sure about this one

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