Ok I can get over this guy, please help me.

Okay so about 2 years ago I met this guy online, we hit it off a ton and we would text everyday all day and call each other everyday too. We said I love you and everything. Well I convinced my parents to let me go visit him. He picked me up from the airport and we made out there, I even spent the whole week with his family at his house. I did lose my virginity to him. Well we ended up breaking up for about 2 weeks after but got back together. I then applied for school in his state, got accepted and signed an apartment lease to be close by him. He cheated on me so we broke up but I still moved down by him. We haven't spoke in about a year but all of a sudden I have been thinking about him or having dreams about him. I miss him a lot and I just don't know what to do. I have dated another guy in between but we just broke up and now all my feelings for d have come back. Help me please.


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  • He seems like he got the sex he wanted out of you and is done with the relationship. I get that you're missing him, but it sounds like the feeling is not mutual. You're best bet is to move on.

    • Thanks :) I mean I knew I was going to have to do it at some point anyways.

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  • Have you ever thought of talking to him? You may just be having these feelings come back but if you actually talk to him... you might realize you don't actually have feelings for him. When ya'll broke up was it because you wanted to as a result of his cheating? Or did he cheat and ya'll both wanted to? You might just need to talk to him, if that is possible, and see if you still have feelings and if you do... maybe figure something out.

    • I wish I had the courage to. We had already been fighting previously to the breakup and then the girl he had been cheating on me with her friend contacted me to tell me about them. I freaked out of course and we both ended up saying hurtful things. I am just scared to contact him.

    • Might be something you will have to let fade. There might not be anything you can do.

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