She didn't the break up very well, but I feel guilty?

I know now that I used this female I dated to get over someone else/not feel alone. I manipulated things for everything to go my way. I wasn't aware of it at the time. But I played along with her genuine feelings. She cared for me deeply. Yet, I fucked her over.

I want to apologize and I even tried to apologize when everything happened yet she kept running away from me. I know she hates me.. But it's been a year since we've last seen one another.

She told my mother she rather not see me and she will never lower her standards again. She was kinda shady at the end yet I didn't hold that against her. But she can't seem to get past everything why?
She didn't take the break up very well...


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  • Our pain is what makes us stronger! You are great enough to not ONLY recognize what YOU did, but take responsibility enough to take ownership of it! That right there speaks wonders of your character! As for her... meh, its whatever. You only feel bad because you have a conscience not because you loved her, otherwise you wouldn't have done it. I'm guessing there. Do try and keep her away from your Mom though... that has DISASTER written all over it.

  • maybe just leave her alone..


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