A break is a breakup? Or just some respectful space?

Boyfriend asking for some space after bad PMS fight. Wondering if this could be ending or just needed to clear some air.
He still asked about my child we are suppose to see each other next week
He also told me his plans for the next few days.

Bad sign or he just needs space?
I told him I am totally okay with it and feel bad that that happened.

It was a bad night. He is now under a lot of emotional stress. He did say he needs a few days to destress.

However, its recurring monthly and he did say, he can't take on such responsibility.

Will you be able to handle it a day each month?


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  • if its me im probably. just destrssing unless its a night after night thing then I might be thinking of other things

    • most likely but I would be wanting her to start correcting or finding an outlet for the aggression

    • Its a strange illness that I just learned/found out. Its once a month, but its bad and we talked about, for a day or two, we will just go no contact lol...
      i read online... seem no remedy and it breaks relationships...
      makes me wonder if i am doomed.

    • your not doomed but you do need to find an out let because I know you don't want to hurt him

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  • Sometimes its like a 5 day free trial for a break up. after that its for real

    • I had a boyfriend we didn't talk over 5 days. and we were back together... however, it wasn't the right relationship. ended eventually.

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