I want my ex back but I can't tell how she feels about me. Can anyone read these signs?

My ex broke up with me in December and while I haven't made it obvious, I want her back, badly. However, she hasn't been speaking to me so I don't know if she still cares about me or not.

Some points:
1.) We haven't talked since mid-January when she got mad at me over something trivial.
2.) She has blocked my number and social medias. She has also deleted every picture of me on her social media, according to a friend. (I'm not going to stalk and find out.)
3.) She still has the things I gave to her when we were dating.
4.) This past week, she sent one of our mutual friends a text crying, saying "she literally would have done anything for me" and "she doesn't know what happened."
5.) She has plenty of other friends and has been spending lots of time with them.
6.) She still sneaks glances at me when she thinks I'm not looking.
7.) She seems happy in public, but I have heard from her sister that she seems upset when she's home.

So what do you guys think? Has she moved on, or does she still care about me? If I think of anything else I'll update the question.


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  • You're 16.. try to reach out and talk about the relationship not about getting back together. If she doesn't want to talk to you move on no matter how much it hurts.

  • If any real feelings were there she still thinks ab it, its a good chance anyway since its still kinda fresh

  • It's your call


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