Confused about ex behaviour? What is going on?

Me and my ex of 4 years broke up at the end of December he immediately started dating another girl everyone telling me it's a rebound but they have being dating for about 5weeks (although we hooked up 3 weeks ago) so who knows. He started rubbing it all over Facebook to get back at me cos I broke it off regretting now. So I started hanging out with this new guy just casual dating fun not lookin for a new relationship so soon and my ex got pissed and started telling me I took everything to far and how angry he is at me for hanging with this other guy but he the one shouting to his family and friends about this new girl and taking there relationship super fast so why would he care if he moved on. We originally wanted to stay close friends but now he said cos of me and this guy he needs time and space at the moment to get over what I did like WTF!!! He the one with a girlfriend within a week of us breaking up. Is he playing mind games or just wants to manipulate me to make me feel bad?


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  • Pure mind game...
    Lets not forget the double standard..
    Also if he hooked up with you 3 weeks ago while he was with her that makes him a cheater...
    I would say forget this guy


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