Ex contacted me after telling him that I want to move forward. Should I reply?

After we broke up, I saw him about 4 or 5 times spaced out. Around Christmas he told me it would be nice to go for a drink, but I didn't t give in this time and told him on NYE that I just want to move forward and if I see him, the next day we won't talk again because I feel he doesn't t really care. Only when he wants someone to share a bed with. "All he said was happy new year R___" After I told him how I felt. That was the last tie we spoke. Now all of a sudden he wonders if I'm ok.

When I m with him, he'll cuddle me and kiss my face etc, actually got teary when he thought I liked a guy at work. He holds my hand and holds me all night in bed, but then it's back to nothing when I leave.

Should I bother replying to him? All he said was "Hope you're ok". We broke up April last year, and the last time I saw him was the end of November. He always comes back. He s 33 and is a bit of a loner who has attachment issues because his mum died young, and he has no contact with his family or extended family. I get frustrated that he can't open up. Now it's coming towards Valentine's day and he probably remembers that last year he messed it up so bad.


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  • I would reply but wouldn't see him in person.


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