Had a bad argument with boyfriend and told him I'd walk away?

I wasn't happy about him going to see his friends and never taking me with him or coming with me to see mine. I understand that it doesn't have to be an all the time thing but it legitimately bothers me that it never happens either way. He got mad and said he doesn't date someone to take them with him every where he goes and said I could walk if I couldn't accept him for how he is. Which obviously I told him I would at that point. I don't want to date someone if I'm not the priority or the fact that the automatic go to was to basically break up. He messaged me today to see if I was okay but I haven't said anything back. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I know I'm not in the right but I don't see him apologizing to me if I talk to him at this point and it will just be me saying sorry to him.


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  • He doesn't care about you.


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