My Ex can't look at me?

I don't feel like this is the best place to ask for help, considering my ex is male but I've learned that females are better at giving advice when it comes to this sort-of-stuff (not sexist, just an opinion), anyway... me and my ex have a confusing story, so buckle up. Anyone looking at us you would clearly see that he was out of my league, he was handsome and athletic never mind smart and even though I wasn't the worst, I certainly was nothing compared to him which immediately scared me as I knew that he would attract other people, but, I put my trust in him. And he threw it in my face. We initially broke up a week or so before, he gave an immature excuse and I didn't want to be 'that guy' who caused a fight so I respected his decision and we agreed to be friends - or acquaintances at least - and that we did, until news came around that he still liked me, and me being me still had feelings for him, so I ended up going back with him... for a day. As the next day I realised that the day he first broke up with me, he kissed another guy and then continued to leave me before running back to me and pretending that nothing had happened and even though i'm idiotic, I still have boundaries. So, I confronted him about it and told him I wanted nothing to do with him and funnily enough he respected my decision and apologised about everything, but I still threw him out my life. If you know me, I can quite easily drop people out my life, but he was different, maybe because he hurt me, he intrigued me and for that reason I couldn't get enough, so yes, I do still side glance at him a few times a day and I do still miss his laugh when he walks by with his friends but he never looks at me. Well, for the most part. I met him through a friend of a friend and he'll avoid coming over just because i'm there, whenever he sees me enter a room, he'll look away. He intentionally goes out his way to avoid me. What does all this account for? Can you please help me.


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  • Maybe he is ashamed of hurting u.. or he wants to act like the guy who doesn't even care anymore.. but not being able to look at u tells u everything.. He likes u I guess. If I were u.. I would find a way so I could look at him in his eyes.. just to know how he feels. but if u really wanted him out of ur life then don't listen to me.. and just play his own game " I won't even look at u game "

    • I was contemplating on whether or not to do that, but I don't want to come across needy and pushy and above of the fact that it looks hypocritical of me saying "I don't want you in my life" and then approaching him. I don't know.. I just--ugh

    • Then let like 1 month go by.. and after that see what happens.. If things loosen up and turned normal then move on.. If he still act this awkward like not being able to look at u.. then go and ask him what's his problem?

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