I know she loves me, I love her, she's just out of an 18 year marriage. Should I try to fix a relationship when she suddenly broke up with me?

My girlfriend and I were together almost 6 months, she had been going through a divorce when I met her. They have 4 kids, which live with her, 2 go to see him every other weekend.

the youngest loves me more than her father, I didn't mean for that to happen.

Things were better than anyone else I've been with, even though we live 60 miles apart, I've never had a doubt of trusting her. It reached a point that I spent Christmas with her family, they tell me they've never seen her happier. And I've never been happier in a relationship.

She is a very busy person, handling her kids alone, plus doing daycare she never gets a break from kids. I just feel she has such a burden

A week ago everything started up for court for the settling of assets in her divorce, plus extracurricular activities for her kids, she became busy every day, I know she had a lot of stress. I noticed her becoming more distant to me. I was getting ready to talk to her about slowing things down for now and if there was time, then we'd see each other, before I could, I got a long text from her, basically saying there is too much that she can't give me what I deserve, she didn't the time for a relationship. That I've been great to her and the kids and she doesn't want to hurt me. That was 2 days ago

I told her I didn't want things to end. That I would Give her space, but that I wanted to talk about things in person. She Agreed, I left her alone after that. 2 days later, I get a good morning text, asking how I am. I had a light conversation with her, nothing about the break up

I can honestly say I've never loved anyone like I do her. even though only 6 months. She was trying harder with me than she needed to. I feel like I should try to suggest things to her about not ending, just slowing things down when we talk. I don't feel we should just give up, we've been through a lot, but I don't want back together out of pity.


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  • Give her some time


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