Do you believe "love"?

I dont believe love, do you believe it?


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  • I do believe in love, it's a hard as hell thing to believe though because at some point of our lives we would lose hope in it due do actions from others or self

    • For me love must be unique but nearly most of the people forget the love when they break up and how is that possible to say believe in love, actually I believe actual love but it is the unique one and it is really hard to find it

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    • just try to not give up hope! :)

    • thanks for your support 😊

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  • Obviously, didn't your parent ever love you? Almost everyone received love.

    • İt is not about parent`s love. Most of the people say to someone love but they leave and they dont care

    • That's life man, sometime it doesn't work out. You're young at age 21. Trust me, if you find the right girl, she'll love you.

    • I thought I found ones but she left me, it is not problem but main problem is she stole something to mine my love , I couldnt love I just chilling with girls but I can't love them anyway maybe one day I can find true love

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  • I don't care about your beliefs and you shouldn't care about my beliefs either.

  • We are all love, just in different forms


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