Stay Together for the Kids?

You can't change a person to your liking. I feel like I'm in a relationship that I settled with. He was a rebound from my first relationship. But my life situation of getting kicked out brought us to become serious really fast in a matter of 5 months. Which he was happy with because he was a loner, as I wasn't but still interested in dating him.

Four years later, I have an emotional bond with him and I'm his perfect girl. And we recently have had a child together. Should I just put my feelings aside and make him and my child's future okay? I've never cheated on him and I remember how I felt when my mother cheated on my Dad and I absolutely hated her for it.


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  • no. end it before it hurts the kid emotionally.


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  • I've never been in a full on relationship with my daughter's dad. We talked about it, but we knew it wouldn't work. We wouldn't make each other happy long term and I think that's the best decision we could have made.

    You can still be good parents and not be together, it's better to concentrate on being good parents separately that staying in a relationship you'll end up resenting. Children pick up on everything, and does effect them. More than you may notice.

    If you, for your own reasons think your relationship is worth fighting for, then talk to him about it. Discuss with each other why you both may be unhappy.
    These are all things you can work on. You could even try counselling.

    If you don't want to be there, let go for everyone's sake and work out together what happens next.


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  • from personal experience I know that it is not healthy for the child to be with partners that don't love each other.

  • Well are you happy with him?

    • Yes, but at the moment I'm having some doubts

    • Well best you can do hun is talk it out with him, if you feel it won't change then its better you leave

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