What shows he's been cheating?

Guys in a marriage what are top list behaviors that show y'all been cheating?


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  • Not letting you touch is phone or he hides it. Takes showers when he gets home. I say one day follow his ass and see. No wanting sex as much as before. If i were you.. I would check with the phone company and see if any call are going out to people you dont now.. check social media.. hide a tape recorder


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  • distant, not affectionate, hardly any sex, busy with his phone

    • I'll add to this, when his phone is not occupied and you're around he'll put it face down. And he will claim to have started doing something that is out of the ordinary. I'm not a cheater but I know a friend that cheats on his wife all the time, am I supportive of it? Fuck no, in fact I always tell him he needs to grow up and decide what he wants.

      But bunanababa is 100% right

    • well said 👌 Glad you agreed :)

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