How do I let my guard down for love?

These Paramore lyrics explain my question best:

And I've always lived like this keeping a comfortable distance,

and up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness,

because none of it was ever worth the risk.

Well, you are the only exception.


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  • Hmmm...that's a good and hard question. I think, that when you meet that special person, you will see that they are worth the risk. I'm not sure what your past involves but you have to trust in yourself that you will be okay IF it doesn't work out.

    Sometimes, people (including me) sabotage situations and/or think negatively which in turn becomes reality.

    Of course, you have to be "smart" about who you give your heart to...but if you believe in any type of goodness in this world, you'll trust the fact that people come into our lives for a reason (I can only say for relatively normal situations for now, not like when it comes to criminals and such).

    There have been moments in my life when the hurt and pain was overwhelming, I didn't think I'd ever overcome the loss. But I did. I'm stronger and have more faith in myself for it.

    Being with someone who loves you (and you love them) is a wonderful gift and no one should go through life without experiencing it.

    Good Luck and Take Care :-)


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  • ask a lot of questions. don't have sex with the dude till you know who he is. if you have sex you might get attached and over look all his bad qualities and only end up getting hurt more in the long run. I know we don't agree on abortion but matters of the heart are the same regardless. let him know you like him but want to go slow. if he feels the same he will be around. time is the test of all. the ones that don't care will fade. the constants are also the ones that like you as a person. if you have guy friends I'm sure one of them already loves you and is just to shy to let it be known.


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