2 weddings because of location?

Ok long story short, my fiance lives in the UK. I'm moving over there from the US on a fiance visa we will be living there for at least 2 years and getting married there. The ceremony will be small, only his family and maybe my mother and sister will attend (he has a much smaller family than l do.)

Naturally I was a bit upset because l would love for my entire family and group of friends to be able to come, but l would also LOVE to have my wedding in Scotland. Then his mother suggested we have a seperate wedding back in the states when we move back here. This cheered me up!

Is that possible? A second wedding but not with paper documents? What's that like? It would be nice l think to have a wedding so that my entire family and friends could attend to. Thank you!


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  • Yes it's completely possible. It would just depend on how you would like it to be set up. You obviously wouldn't sign the documents again, but I don't see why you couldn't get a pastor to marry you at the ceremony itself and party on to the night.


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