Should I acknowledge my dads girlfriend or not have anything to do with her?

My parents have never really had a great relationship.
awhile back when I was younger my mom got caught cheating on my dad. My mom regretted it and she stopped.

After about 8 years things slowly went back to normal..

My dad opened up his own business, and started coming home late from "work". He hardly was home. We hardly went out as a family.

My mom then caught him cheating. My mom was being very impulsive and was telling my dads girlfriend stuff and the girlfriend was laughing at my moms
face. My mom was willing to give my dad a chance, but he continued to see his girlfriend.

So now they are divorced.
I live a couple hours away from home with my older sister because I'm attending a university.
My dad came up to pick up my car, so it got wrecked. We offered my dad to stay with us and he said no since he will be bringing his girlfriend...
he wanted us to meet her, and her daughter.

i don't know what the right thing to do is?
I don't think I should get involved and meet her daughter. But my dad thinks I'm being rude


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  • Well, he has the right to his relationship. You have the right to feel the way you do, also. Still, it isn't the daughter's fault that her mom is involved with your dad. She could be just as upset as you are. you are both in the middle on this. You may find comfort being friendly with her.

    • Well my dad brought his girlfriend and her daughter, and her daughters baby. I'm almost positive my dad is spoiling all of them and the baby. Which makes me feel uncomfortable.

      Also I don't think it was appropriate for his girlfriend to be telling my mom stuff. My mom has every right to feel angry...

      What do you think?

    • No,... it is inappropriate for her to talk to your mom. That's uncalled for. No need to create drama. You have the right to be upset about this. They have no right to be rude to your mom.

Most Helpful Girl

  • That's an awful situation to be in. I can imagine how frustrating and hurtful that must be for you.

    This has to be your decision. Do what you feel is best for you. Although your dad has a right to do as he pleases, so do you. He made his choice , but you shouldn't feel forced to accept it. Your dad can't expect you to welcome her with open arms , considering all the history and background of the entire situation

    I hope whatever decision you make you are happy with your choice ❤


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  • Seeing your dad fawn all over this woman, her daughter and grandchild must feel like your dad is twisting a knife into your gut. You don't have to agree to meet but if you do decide to meet her you don't have to feel all chummy with this woman and her daughter but just do your best to be polite and matter-of-fact.

  • This woman is not the reason your parents aren't together.


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  • I think it could be beneficial to meet her especially if this girlfriend is in it for the long run


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