Girlfriend and her ex boyfriend too close?

My girlfriend was dating a guy many years ago. She said it was nothing serious. She claims she does not talk to him at all anymore. Many years after they broke up and she was living with another man, this "ex" asked her to marry him, but to stay with her current boyfriend. He wanted her to have his retirement benefits if he died. She is now dating me and she tells me he is driving by her house and leaving her emails. Then this "ex" has a near fatal accident. She goes up and see's him in the hospital everyday for the past three weeks.

Am I over reacting or is this just plain creepy?


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  • It's more touching. These two obviously have a history but not one that you need to fear. They may love each other but in a different way. I suggest that you relax. If she wanted to be with him then she would be. Respect that she is being open with you and she'll respect you for it. Cheers!

  • wow. I don't thnk your overeacting at all but I don't think she is doing anything either. I'd be suspicoius but I say you should trust her. if someone from my past had an accident then I'd definately go see them. everyday might b a bit excessive. but if he has noone else visisting him then she probably feels sorry for him. and if its near fatal and he's old then he might die. so she probably feels sorry 4 him. PLUS she TOLD you that he was contacting her. she wasn't hiding it from you. so you have nothing to worry about :-)

    lemme know how things go.


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