How to get my ex boyfriend back after I lied to him?

so my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me over text cause i lied to him. he said i broke his heart but i was doing it out of reaction from my abusive ex and lying to him so he wouldn't know where i was. i told that to him and he said it didn't matter. he said we could still be friends but i know he'll always be to busy for me. how do i get him back or at least get him to hang out with me?


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  • You gonna share what the lie was about?

    • i was with a guy i used to date cause he was having problems with his girlfriend. my location was turned on for my boyfriend and he saw and i said it was someone else house i knew.

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    • but its true. no one gets it unless they were in an abusive relationship. having to hide stuff and lie so you don't get hit or yelled at.

    • Even now, you write as if you didn't make a mistake or do anything wrong.

      Your past explains your actions, but doesn't excuse them or make them right.

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  • I'm going to be honest with you- once the trust is broken it's terribly hard to get it back.
    That being said, I read your other comment. Why was your boyfriend trying to track you with your location on anyway?
    The fact he tried to track you even after you gave an answer shows a lack of trust even before the revelation that you lied

    • how do i get his trust back?

    • With time. That's the only way.
      Be his friend, then see if that relationship can progress. When he gives you a shot make everything open. I forgave my boyfriend for doing something more serious than this, but it takes time

    • Also you need to truly repent your actions and see why they were wrong. Which from your other comments it doesn't seem like you do

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