He's doing everything with her that we planned to do together?

My ex and I broke up this summer.. We were together off and on for 6 months and he was.. The One to say the least. Just before we broke up his grandmother had died and he had an emotional breakdown.. And just needed space. So I gave it a little more than a week.. And when we spoke again he messages me breaking up with me. He told me he just didn't feel that 'spark', that he didn't feel comfortable like he should. We were like two peas in a pod. I knew he loved me, we were uncomparingly close with the connection we had. Two saggittarius' dating is a dynamic relationship for sure. so when he told me what he had breaking up with me, I called him out on his bullshit. He fessed up and told me he was scared and ran. And that's how he just left things. I'm a pretty serious person, but everytime we were together I couldn't help but be my dorky, goofy self. There wasn't a moment we weren't bursting a gut laughing or smiling. He was both my best friend.. And my lover. The man I wouldn't of blinked twice to walk down the aisle for. Only to find out days later he went back to his ex girlfriend. They got an apartment together in the area we planned to get an apartment. He engaged her.. But yet we were talking about still kicking around as old farts.. Looking at houses we wanted to buy.. Plans for houses.. Future.. Kids. I miss him so much is shatters me. When they got an apartment together reality sank in and we just felt.. Over. The last thing on earth i wanted to happen. I drove past him the other day and he honked at me at the lights, And I guess he unblocked me on facebook. I just want him back. I've never loved someone like I do him in my life.. There's just something about him that makes me feel complete. This is the last place I wanted to even ask this but I'm just too hurt to even know what to do.. What would you do?


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  • honestly six months to determine whether a guy is the one for me isn't enough time. he definitely knew what he was doing by giving you some poor excuse as to why he wanted to break up with you but I understand that you feel something extremely strong for him however he has not expressed the same feelings toward you so then you just decide how long will you give your energy time and feelings to someone who isn't returning what you're giving out then you'll know what to do


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