Is he no longer interested?

Boyfriend needs some space after I brought up some issues that hasn't been resolved. It is bothering him a lot and considering breaking up to work on himself.

He still explained to me where his about for the next few days and was very caring and concern for me and my daughter. Like he doesn't want to break up.

He did say, he is not sure if he can commit - what does it mean? He is my boyfriend. Commit to what? We made plans to see each other next Thursady.
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Most people seem to be voting based on the commitment issue.
He is committed in the sense that we are dating exclusively.
Neither are committing for marriage. Been there.


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  • To be honest, when he does acts like this and says he wants to break up to "work on himself" he doesn't know himself if he wants to break up or not or if he is still interested. I think he is trying to figure things out. If I was you I would give him the space he needs but still show you care about him.


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  • "Space" is what a pussy says for breakup. He's full of shit. He won't commit to you personally. This is clearly "why buy a cow when the milk is free" kind of thing and he's giving you bullshit excuses why he won't commit. This is over permanently and completely. You will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. The words "space" and "break" are meant to make you think they'll be back and want you again at some point in the future which never happens. It also leaves the door open so he can drift in and out of your life and use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else

    • what about needing some space to cool off after a bad fight then come back for discussion?
      I did that to him back in Oct. I just didn't feel like talking to him and I disappeared for a week.

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    • I still respect it. Marriage is the ultimate commitment. When just living together one can at any moment say "fuck this I'm outta here" when married that's a lot harder. If everything is so great why are you broken up?

    • What you do is tell someone going in that you're looking for marriage and if they're not wanting that to hit the road that you only want like minded men

  • sorry to tell you this
    he's not interested

    • Based on no future committment?

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