Staying hopeful? Commitment issues?

We both are single parents, he sees his daughter daily, I have my son ft except every other weekend when my mom gives me a break from him. We didn't introduce the kids as we agreed to go slow. Three months into dating after a friend stage, seeing each other and then dating. We both lead busy lives with work, our kids and other things going on. When I last saw him things were and felt normal. The next day I texted him and got 3 replies from him, then boom he stopped, ignored calls and all. Then 2 days later I sent one text and got I just want to be left alone text. When I asked what I did wrong he said nothing. Just too much happening in his life and not sure he's ready to have someone in it. He was single a bit over a year and pushed for a relationship with me when I had only been single 2 months after a long term relationship that ended badly. We are both pretty damaged and guarded from our previous relationships. Am I staying too hopeful? Is this a commitment issue? What happened? Staying hopeful? Commitment issues?Staying hopeful? Commitment issues?


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  • sounds like a commitment issue to me

    • We've both been in long term relationships, most of his 5 years and my longest almost 11. Possibility scared of being hurt again after his ex damaged him so good?

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    • i can understand. but you have to do it.

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  • talk to your significant other about it, and see if he's serious

  • looks like he wants more attention from you

    • I was the blue messages. Could still be it, but as I had told him we needed to find the right balance with our schedules, never easy with kids involved and almost totally different schedules but seemed like we were making things work. We would get in time whenever we could

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