What is the ideal time period to wait after a break up?

I was in this relationship for 9 months, and we broke up 2 months ago. My ex quickly started talking to other guys and after a month of breaking up starting dating another guy. Many people, including I, said that she was moving on too fast. Even people that I wouldn't consider "friends" per say were coming up to me and telling me that she moved on too quick. But now I'm starting to wonder what time period is most appropriate to wait.


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  • Thats normal at ur age bro... it be different if you lived together for 5 years ec... but u should be able to see that shit coming mile away..

    • Yeah, I did... it's sad because I'm not one to just date for the pleasure of being in a relationship. I'm loyal and I take relationships seriously. I was best friends with her and she never took relationships seriously.

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    • Funny this is older people told me that when I was ur age 2 and i didn't listen :)

    • Yeah a lot of people are saying that. I'm honestly not a party sort of guy. But yeah I'd rather enjoy my time, go places, go to events and fairs and be with friends... things you can't do while in a relationship 😅😂.

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  • It depends on how long two people were together , and how much in love they were , and how adaptable they are. Afyer a breakup, I don't usually jump straight into another relationship, but I move on very quickly because I can adapt easily


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  • I would be good for about 20 minutes. :)


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