How to get my girlfriend's mom to like me again?

Okay well my girlfriends 15 and I'm 16... her mom told her that she really liked me for many reason... a few days later she found a love note from me to her daughter now she doesn't want me to see her again... she doesn't even want me calling... The note had nothing to do with sex or anything like that. It just told her how much I loved her and stuff like that... I didn't think it was a big deal its been a few weeks and she still doesn't want me around her daughter... I said sorry numerous time and she doesn't seem to care... Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get her to like me again? Breaking up is not an option. I just want her mom to like me again that's all... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!


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  • Have you asked her why she is mad about the note, or just said sorry?

    • She said because I said I love you in it and because I said my gf's parents couldn't break us up... so she thinks I think I'm in control or somthing? I don't know lol I just wanna put it behind me but I don't know how... I saiid sorry

    • I would just ignore it and let things settle out themselves. It's not a huge crime to say I love you, and soon her mom will realize that herslf. Who knows, it could just be a bad case of PMS

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