Should I say goodbye to the guy it got awkward with?

It got awkward and ended on a very VERY bad note. Neither of us have been in relationships and he gives mixed signals when I do bump into him. He was my first love but the timing wasn't right...

Should I say bye? I would have's just, he blocked me out of his life and I checked with everyone, but I didn't do anything weird or what-not (everyone=mom, 2 friends, a bunch of Q and A on yahoo and this).

If I don't see him again, then I want to know it ended nicely.

I saw him at yougrt place, 3 days before grad ceremony. I left to go to my car and hten came back. He was stiff and frozen and asked how I was. He was with a friend whomoved away as he moved closer. I told him I thought I should say bye.
I tried to show I wasn't angry and his expression changed and he gave me a big bear hug, to which I was too frozen to return. I saw him at the ceremony. He looked away when I realized he was staring at me and my fam. I saw him later with his fam.
Time moves on, I suppose.
I saw him at yogurt place, 3 days before grad ceremony. I left to go to my car and then came back. He was stiff and frozen and asked how I was. He was with a friend who moved away as he moved closer. I told him I thought I should say bye.


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  • Wow ok after reading your other post...

    I really don't know how this guy can act that way. I can understand being shy because to be honest I get that sometimes to, I think its just normal sometimes. But never at all have I acted like that, jeez I would be embarrassed. I was thinking you had a relationship that ended bad.

    If I'm talking to a girl I like and I get a shy streak(sucks) if she tries to get into the conversation I would jump on board. That makes it so much easier. Honestly unless it was a life or death situation if I'm talking to someone I'm really into, the other things can wait as long as it takes. And that is the truth.

    To quote you "He's so weird. He goes crazy and syas "he's super busy. He really has to go." REALLY RUDELY. Then I find out he has blocked me from fb, on aim and everything. It was the weirdest stupidest idiotic thing."

    I honestly can't give you an answer as to why on Earth he would be acting like this, but just some advice. You answered you own question in the quote I used. Specifically the last sentence. Your honest best bet is to forget about it and move on. Who knows maybe once the guy grows up a bit or isn't so shy things will work about, but right now I doubt it.

    • He's so weird. I should have seen red flags in class. Two times, girls came to sit by him in class and he was so rude. For one of them, she tried tosubtly become friends but he's clever, and saw past it, and when I looked over, just shut himself off from her. He's friends with girls that haven't blossomed yet...but they are so evil. They use his immaturity about relationships to their advantage. But GOD, even the professor noticed his stupid staring

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    • Not a prob, and no I can't but hey everyone has been a bit weird at some point in there lives, I know I have. But most people eventually out grow it.

    • I wish we met at a better time then...he, even his looks, were what I had always wanted to see in real life...I had this image and he fit, even physically. Oh well, at the end, you can only shape yourself to be th eimage you want to be. Thanks once again and time to get off!!!!

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  • Well you should always important to leave it on healthy term for you and as well for him. I went through the same thing, me and my girlfriend didn't talk for months but we cooled down for a little then one day we just talked it out MATURELY and the hurt was a lot more painful. So yeah just think it out and try to be the best person you can be. even if he gives you a attitude, at least you'll feel a lot better on your part. Things will work out trust me : )

  • "timing wasn't right" sounds like an excuse to me, a guy would only block a girl out if she really hurt him and knows that it would be better to just move on without. Personally with me it would take a lot of hurt and dissapointment to get to that point. I don't know the situation, but it dosn't matter what everyone says, it matters what he thinks. and No, saying bye does not qualify as ending it nicely. If you really loved him I would think that you would have done whatever it took to make things work, otherwise, maybe you didn't really love him. So if bye would make you feel better about yourself then do it, but I doubt that it would make the guy feel any better.

    • What would make it better for him?

      I think I know what I did wrong. When it was indirect ways to communicate, I could flirt and talk a bit. But when it was real life, 2 guys he's friends with (who I knew before he did and liked me) would be around him and I'd feel guilty for flirting or just talking to him. then his friends that are girls would never leave us alone. they knew I was shy. they would just dominate and I just didn't know how to be agressive. having said that, I was trying...really

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    • No relationship. Really it was just flirting. That's why it bugs me that he suddenly felt the need to block me and take it to such an extreme level. I've gone over the story and I can write it out. It's not much and as far as my 2 best friends, my sis and grandma and random Q and A people on this site and yahoo go, I'm not a stalker or a freak. It bugs me because he over-did that part.

    • One day he acts calm and sweet like usual but is fearful and scared at the same time. I keep bumping into him that day. Then, when I try to extend the convo. He's so weird. He goes crazy and syas "he's super busy. He really has to go." REALLY RUDELY. Then I find out he has blocked me from fb, on aim and everything. It was the weirdest stupidest idiotic thing.

  • Not knowing the exact situation completely with all the details I can honestly say this.

    If the guy is making an effort to block you out of his life, then he doesn't want anything to do with you.

    I have done this a couple of times myself, when I was younger. Whether it was right or wrong isn't up for discussion but once I started making an effort to get her out of my life, there was no really going back. I guess for me its sort of my way of trying to get her out of my head and getting on with life. Its not like that will all relationships but it has happened.

    I would suggest though since both of you are new at this, try to talk to him about it. If he really doesn't say anything to you or won't let you talk to him, then there isn't any reason for you to say goodbye, he already has and that's his way of telling you.

    • Your the same age as him. Why is he so immature? I like to stay in touch with ex-crushes and stuff. Him doing this made me want to go crazyy. He's weird. He'll come in the areas I'm in and stare and then when I notice and smile, he'll run away. He did say something to his friends about not having any regrets...

    • Well if he is my age(22) and still doing this type of thing, then your right it sounds like an immaturity thing. Some people mature slower mentally (meaning how they deal with things) than others.

      Honestly now looking back on how I acted when I did those things (I was about 16-18) I was being very immature. I would most likely in all but one situation go back and change it.

      If you can not really get him to talk to you about what's going on and how you feel, then you really do need to move on.

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  • I went thru a similar thing. I stopped talking to him for apparently no reason tho I had my reasons & he was confused ...then I left, & we parted.

    I sort of wanted to explain things the next year the seemed to want me out of his life so I ignored him then he tried talking to me I ignored him, & then he ignored me then I tried talking & he continued to ignore me, & then finally we both talked.

    We ignored each other for 3 years then 4 years later he apologized & told me he had never lost feelings for me if you want we can chat, I'd like to know your story :)

    • I like your story. It connects. There are some stories Ihear that just connect with my heart. Yours was one of them. I've added you as a friend. Talk to you one of these days.

    • Sure thing :)

  • sometimes in lilfe is easier letting go someone cus it hurt sto much and you don't wana feel that pain anymore or basically they aren't worthy of knowing at all!

    if he is not in ur life eg.daily life, school, work, family, friends its easier to let go an move on


    but if he is in ur life ur work ur social group then its probly best to appologize an make peace an you could be friends.

    sometimes its good to keep people in ur life still, but if it hurt sto much an there's to much damage then its best to say goodbye.


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