Should I offer her my journal?

So I have a journal. In it I'm very honest and sometimes brutally so. I write things down without a filter. There was a girl that I had a crush on, I wrote about her in the journal. Since then we have be come friends and I no more want her at all. In the journal though I'm very honest about her appearance her actions and just her in general. Seeing that I don't want to have a relationship with her should I volunteer the journal to her to read. There are parts that may make her cry and others that I think she will like. She does not know about it and she has never asked for it before obviously.
I have a morbid desire for her to read my journal and give me her thoughts on what she thinks. Should I offer it to her?
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  • Seems like letting her see it is more for you then it is for her. Might want to find the root of that fascination before you possibly lose a friend over it


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  • Bad idea... It can caused friction to relationship. For example: If a guy who seek peek into his girlfriend dairy. It can caused him pissed off and upset too.


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