Is he with me just because of the baby?

Guys I don't understand me and my husband are separated for this instance I am pregnant of 11 weeks and have recently find that out ( Yes I did a blood test I am no bitch claiming this shit just so he will stay ) Since we broke up I asked him to not stay with me if he does not feel anything for me at all , I told him to stay away and I had even told him to be happy and if takes abort his kid that would be fine I would sacrifice me and this kid because I do love him still even though I am anemic and if I do that I can die ! He asked me to keep it , but whoever he does not get a job but he spent a lot on his games , he comes here once in a never while to see how I am and I dare he will ever care about Valentine's day which is on the 14th he tells me he loves me but something tells me he ain't being honest , I even told him to fuck other girls other than lie to my face , and I call him but he never does call me at any time ! What can I do? I am not the kind that cheats but it's getting annoying and whenever I call him even if I have something else to say he dammn teel me : Call me when u have something else going ! I am really wanting him out of my life right now but what should I do? And I left clear is up to him , and if he doesn't want anything with me to just leave me !


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  • I have a friend that is a father of two and is married to his baby momma. They always fight and he vents to me all the time at the gym and whatnot about their arguments. From everything he told me, their marriage is pretty much fucked. He always gives the excuse that he won't leave his wife because of their two daughters and yet he sleeps with other girls constantly. Everytime he tells me that lame excuse I get mad at him and say

    "you wouldn't like it if your wife only wanted to be with you "for the kids" and yet is being unfaithful right? So why are you doing that"

    So if I where you either get rid of the kid if you really don't want it and leave his ass before he inflicts emotional damage to the kid and more to you. Or just keep the kid and leave him. Your choice

    • And to make matters worse he has not sought marriage counseling AND she is pregnant again. Put your self and this child first, this guy doesn't seem like he is as serious about you or your now little family as a whole.

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  • he is probably staying because of the baby he feels responsible your and the babies well being

    • Thanks , but how can I make him understand that I want to move on with life if that is the case? I would never harm our kid in any way and I would tottaly understand if he has someone else. The problem is that I have another guy that been seeing my situation and wants to stay with me but I can't because as long as the person I consider my lover still here I can't move on and this is soo wrong and not fair ! My worse fear is that after the kid is born he is going to break up and move on and I will stay here thinking of why I did not move on :(

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    • Agreed that sound about right :) I will try that and if doesn't work I will dump him cuz I won't put my happiness in risk.

    • remember put you and your baby first above everything
      I hope it turns out well for you

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  • Wtf? Is this real? I'm sorry but your story is so crazy. If having a baby is unhealthy for you then don't do it. If you aren't in a healthy relationship, stop participating in it.

    • No this is real and u must have read it wrong ! Is not that having a baby is unhealthy and I wasn't anemic when I got pregnant ! I am pregnant with twins and didn't discovered until 2 months into it when I started throwing up. But since I took no prenatals vitamins it took a lot of my vitamins and nutrients which left me anemic. And our relationship was healthy until we started fighting mostly because I didn't knew I was pregnant and had become really emotional over everything.

    • I got it. I suggest writing down key points of your life that you see your life going, things you want to do, goals you want to achieve and ask him to do the same. Then discuss how the two of you can get there together. It sounds cliche but communication is the key to a successful relationship.

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