Has anyone ever broke with up a current girlfriend to go back to an ex? really?

even after dating the current Girlfriend seriously, would you ever break up to go back to an ex? If so, why did you get into another relationship if you had feelings for the ex? Is this normal for guys, to date someone else when they still have feelings for another?


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  • It depends on the reasons.

    Relationships aren't just one-dimentional.

    It's not just lovey-dovey.

    Emotions and feelings aside, you have to look at the big picture with a holistic approach.

    If he's not happy with PARTS or the relationship, then he's NOT HAPPY with the relationship.

    And if there's someone who he can be more happy with, he'll leave the less content or satisfied situation he's in, to go to the one where he's more happy.

    Want an example?

    You have no idea why him and his ex broke up. Maybe she quit her job and vowed to never work a day of her life again, while expecting him to provide for her while she "takes care of the home & kids". Maybe they weren't having sex that often. Maybe he wasn't sexually satisfied with her. Maybe he loved her, and the emotions and feelings were strong, but she didn't care about him, appreciate him, respect him, was dishonest, manipulative, selfish and/or controlling.

    You have no idea why he reached a point where he told himself "f-ck this.. I'm out"

    So maybe with you, he felt good initially because you offered him what he felt he was escaping from; and longing to find.

    But clearly, now that he's re-assessed the situation, he's made the determination that he's happier with her than with where he was.

    Why? Who knows? Who cares?

    Maybe she finished medical school & is a doctor pulling six-figures now. Maybe she found her long-lost sex drive. Maybe she suddenly developed a sense of style, and takes care of her appearance in such a way that she constantly keeps him sexually excited & interested. Maybe she got over whatever psychological, personality or emotional issues she had, and their emotional relationship is now bullet-proof.

    You have no idea why he went back to her.

    But it definitely has nothing to do with YOU. It's something that's outside of your control. So it's not something that you should even worry about. It's stupid to worry about things that are outside of your control. Even more stupid to try and believe you can find ways to make them within your control.

    It's something that has to do with only him and her.

    He made up his mind, and it wasn't you.

    Swallow that pill, get the side-effect out of your system, forget him, move on, and find someone else who is happiest with you.


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  • While I have never done this, I will say that the easiest (not best) way to get over somebody is too hook up with somebody new. Having broken up with girls, and hooking up with a new girl is incredibly selfish, but it definitely washes away the pain pretty quickly.

  • Hi...

    It is a hard one to answer, bottom line is that he probably never got over her and he only found support in the relationship he had with you..

    I will say that his relationship with his ex won't last .. I guess this won't help you, but we humans do not like to be alone and many of us look for what is called quick fix.. unfortunately that is a very short term remedy...

    that would be my best answer.. You must be felling used!

  • I hate to say this but it's kinda like "you don't know what you have until its gone" kinda thing and "wanting something you can't have".

    All I can say, is that getting back together doesn't normally work out. And I'm very sorry you are going through this, be strong and realize your still the same person you were before him, only wiser now. Give yourself lots of time to work past this, break ups are never easy. Think positive and you'll slowly be able to let go of this and move forward. You are going to learn a lot about yourself through this and it'll make you so much stronger.

    Don't forget to protect your heart beautiful.

  • It's funny that you ask this, because women do this type of thing all the time. It's not normal for guys but it happens. I personally have never been with an ex simply because they go back with their exes, but if I had the chance I would probably say no because I am better than that. Some people do it for the rebound, some for comfort, or some just didn't get what they want or expected from the next person. It's not a good thing to do, but feelings are beyond our control. Hopefully when you find someone else or when a guy has feelings for you and wants to be with you, you won't do the same thing to him by having feelings for your ex or having bitterness because of your exes...

  • Im so sorry this happened to you :(. As we mature, we tend to close off ourselves to our future counterparts and that makes our previous and present partners insecure. Insecurity spawns being closed up even more and the pattern gets multiplied. As insecure people we might go into other relationships after we truly haven't gotten over our failed ones and that desire might never go away. He probably just wanted his lonliness to go away and you were a temporary fix.

    Sad to say, we are all like this and play each and every one of these roles in different stages of our lives.

    I'm really sorry he did this to you. How long was it until they broke up ?

  • Will I get into another relationship if I still have feelings for an ex? Yes depending. Lets be real, in the end unless your ex was a complete jackass and abused you really bad, you are always going to have some feeling for your ex. Not I love you feelings but feelings that you care about them. Will I ever date an ex after we broke up and I found myself a new girl. Hell no! Depending on how the break up went, (regardless that I still care for me ex) I might choose right then and there to never be with my ex again, or sometime down the line, however, once I get a new gf, I have officially closed the door on all pass relationships. Plus I would never break up with any girl to date a new girl.


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  • I personally close the door on past relationships the moment I realize they are over. There is a reason why two people breakup and it is rarely some small little something. It is usually enough of a problem that you obviously could not get past it when you were together. So, for me, I have not experienced this happening to me or with my friends either.

  • theyyyyy always go back to their ex's depends how long they were together!


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