It's been a year and I am having a hard time with my breakup?

I fell in love with a man who I never expected to. But he left me to be with someone else And than tried to come back. But I was in so much pain due to my breakup and than finding out he was trying to get with someone else. That I never looked back. I completely shut him out and ran.

But I am in so much pain and can't get over him. I've kept busy, been with friends, family, even picked up a new hobby. Yet he is constantly on my mind and sometimes my chest hurts deeply that I breakdown and cry.

I had a friend said to try dating because it's been a year or even go out and have sex, but I cannot do it. This man is everywhere! Help :(


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  • I guess the real question is whats keeping you from truly grieving your loss?

    pain is pain and each person's process is different. so never let anyone dictate yours for you.

    secondly, if you just distract, you'll never process and this become stuck. sometimes the only way out is the path going through. give yourself permission to feel, let your pain run its course and while never completely the same, you'll definitely be better and stronger for it *hug*

    • The first 3 months I gave into it. I grieved, but now it's just ridiculous since its been almost a year. I should be over it by now.

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    • its now a month later, just wanting to check in with you and see how you're doing.

    • I've been doing better. I've been getting out there and moving on with my life. It hurts from time to time but less and less..

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  • I really wish their is an easy answer here. but their isn't. you just have to be strong and fight. you are on the right track but you need to be patient and it will get better over time. also I think yes dating will help and if it doesn't sound appealing to you now just try to meet new people just as friends and get involved socially

  • Plenty of good gentlemen out there and you thinking about one who betrayed you?

    • I know! Pathetic but I can't make it to away.

    • Ignore it, it's a mind habit
      It's gonna only bring you negativity..
      Focus on your future and enjoy the moment!

    • That's what I've been doing. The negativity has been feeling less and less.

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  • you haven't moved on

    • I know but why? This is the first time I have ever felt this way. Not even my first love hit me hard when I was a teenager.

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