Has anyone ever decided just to take a break in a relationship rather than completely break up after talking about it?

my girlfriend of 8 months broke up with me over text, and usually I wouldn't speak in their defense in the case, but, at the time there was no other way she could, with all 3 of her kids right there except for when one of us was sleeping, and we live 75 miles apart. There was no other way, but we made plans and are getting together in a few days to talk about things, not being left without discussing it.

thing is we have both had so much start happening that we aren't able to see each other much at all. I didn't want to end things, but won't discuss it over text. She didn't want to but felt needed to. We both love each other, and have been completely faithful.

my thought is to propose taking a break, but not a breakup, basically we won't see anyone else, we go on dates when we can, talk on the phone when we can, and currently we each focus on ourselves, at least until things slow down, I figure it's a lot easier than just breaking up a relationship that was going close to perfect


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  • I think breaks are for the indecisively feeble minded. People who can't make a decision. You guys should both have more respect for yourselves. What a slap in the face it is to sit there and say "I sort of like you but I'm going to see if I find anything better for some odd months". I mean this is self explanatory. I'm either with some one 100% or not with them at all.

  • If you need a "break" then your relationship is doomed and over. Successful couples don't take "breaks" or need "space"


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