Me and this guy have been having a thing for a little over a month, and we just got into this argument over him not putting in effort in hanging out so he got mad and said "it's whatever we'll just hang out another day when I put in effort."and we left it at that and didn't text each other all day. The next day I texted him and asked him if he was still mad at me, he read my message but didn't reply. A few hours later he sent me a screenshot showing that he got a new job and needed to take a drug test and didn't know if he was gonna pass so I said "why wouldn't you pass?" And he said it's because he smoked weed the night we broke up (which was a past fight, and he also doesn't smoke or drink*) he was replying to my messages right away within the minute. Then I said "well I'm proud of u for getting a new job" and he read it right away and then never replied. That night he did send me a few snapchats, some of him being drunk, & sent me one the following morning to keep our streak going. and the next night he just partied and drank and smoked. i went onto twitter and started acting a little petty (and like I was single) cuz I was sad that he wasn't texting me but was partying all night and posting snaps. The next day we broke our snapstreak and i noticed he was making a big deal on Twitter about his weekend and he also tweeted lyrics of our favorite song which I don't know if it matters or not. The next day, he decided to message my friend, who likes me and got into a fight with him a little while ago over me, and asked him if he was still coming to our state for Valentine's Day (because he had told me he was gonna come visit me because he likes me, and they wanted to fight physically) and I thought this was odd. The guy I had a thing with ended up telling the guy he fought with over me that he wasn't talking to me anymore and when the other guy asked him why, he didn't reply. I'm too scared to ask him what's going on and he might not reply to me anyway. please help!
He changed his header to a pic he took while he was on an adventure with me, although that probably doesn't mean much!!
He ended up texting me today and he said "I passed my drug test :)"
He is so confusing.


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  • Uhhh, this guy sounds like a giant tool/ man-baby. I don't know anything about you, except that you can do better. I don't know how old you are, since you remained anonymous, but if you're closer to 24, you need to find someone who won't play games. This dude is playing games. He probably does have a sweet side, and may actually care a lot about you. But he's not willing to stop playing games, and if he's the kind of guy who's constantly between jobs, and might fail a drug test you just need t get away from that.

    • You're probably right, thank you so much !! We're both actually younger than that which explains his dumb behavior :-)

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  • I suggest you block him out of your life and find a new guy

    • Lmaoo 😩😂 I like him is the problem!! Ur definitely right tho thank you 😂

    • if he really cares for you then he would have talked to you and find solution to your problem instead of getting drunk and high many times. You're welcome

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