Has my girlfriend truly moved on from her ex?

My girlfriend was with her ex for 2 years before she cheated on him with me. They eventually broke up and we became official. We now have been together for over a year and have a house together. We have a great relationship, Although some things she's doing have me paranoid. She shares memories that have to do with him on Facebook and tells his family she misses them and keeps in contact with them on (social media anyways). Her ex started dating someone new and she asked some of our friends about it and if they knew who the new girl was (right in front of me), so that was annoying. Lastly, she still has pictures of them kissing on her instagram and Facebook. Not just a few, at least 10. I don't think it's appropriate that she still has these up and has my family on Facebook where they could easily see all those kinds of pictures. Am I just being paranoid thinking that maybe she regrets cheating on him and being with me?


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  • You ended up in this relationship because she cheated on her ex and you're basically asking if you can trust her

    No, not at all. You already know she'll cheat.


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