Tomorrow I go to pick up my clothes and drop off my ex's keys. Should I try and get her back?

We broke up over what seemed to me a silly reason... political views... but now I understand what I did wrong. I did not stand by her when she needed me... her frustration over trump.


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  • I went through the same thing with Brexit.. I get where you are coming from but here is the thing - are you always going to agree on everything? isn't the idea of politics to discuss differences and debate the pros and cons of different theories - if you can't both have a mature and mutual understanding over your differences then what else will drive you apart down the line..

    • The point of politics is to discuss differences, I agree... but she said that her "love for me was destroyed by our disagreement." She ended up insulting my parents too. My love is slowly turning to anger.

    • stand your ground she's being immature and narrow minded

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