How can I enjoy being single?

I've been separated from my ex for about 3 months, I had very strong feelings for him and was completely in love. I still do have feelings but know he doesn't share them , we talk sometimes and are friends but I've been completely lonely and depressed since the breakup, I have a few close girl friends but dont see many of them often , Its valentines day and I want to be able to enjoy being single but instead feel like crying. I know I sound ridiculous LOL, but I was hoping that any other single members have advice for me on how they enjoy single life or have been happy after a breakup. I don't know if I need actual hobbies , more friends , or just need to distract myself


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  • It might be difficult but you need to try and remember you alone are a great person. You don't need anyone else to enjoy yourself and no one can say otherwise. After a breakup you need to get used to not depending on someone else anymore for anything. Don't need someone else to tell you you're smart beautiful and all round amazing. Remember the things that make you who you are and retain your individual life apart from relationships.

    • You're definitely right! I'm still getting used to not relying on my partner since we aren't together anymore , maybe my self confidence needs to be worked on and I'll have an easier time adjusting

    • It's very possible. Everyone goes through that after a breakup and normally go to friends for support but sometimes that just doesn't cut it. You need to respect and love yourself to the extent that you're fine without them. You may meet someone else another day but for not focus on yourself and do things you've always wanted to do. There's nothing wrong with being single. Nothing at all.

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  • I'm not single, but found when I was, that working on me made me feel better. Whether it be working out, finally doing that project I wanted. Joining a hobby class. ( I know you said you didn't know if you needed that) oh and learn something new. I learned how to make quilts before I met my now husband


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  • I'm just saying I'm single too 😅


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