Will my ex boyfriend ever return to me?

We dated for like 8 months! It was AMAZING! He suffers from like depression so he got scared and ended it. He did promised we could date again after like a few years. I've NEVER met someone like him! I've never connected with someone so well omg I felt this urge to just talk and be with him!

Wellll he one day told me that he wanted me to move on cuz he talked to his bros and they told him it wasn't like healthy to live in the before (lol jerks). Then he blocked me from everything! Buuut his sis texted me and asked me how I was doing n she told me he was doing good so I tried texting him again but he didn't respond! :( :( I KNOW by Jehovahs will we will be together (jehovas witness here ayy) but im kinda worried... what should I do?


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  • Well you better get your plotting on then girl. You wan 'im, go get 'im.

    • U think i can get him back?

    • That... darling, is totally up to you and your level of Game.

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