Why won't my ex boyfriend let me go?

me and my ex have been off and on for a while, and every single time I tell him I want to end things, he won't ever let me go, which makes it hard for me because I always go back to him. I don't understand... I stopped having sex with him once we broke up, I've ignored him for days, I've been a ***** towards him, I acted like I moved on, NOTHING WORKS! I honestly still want him but I want him to change but he's way more immature than me.. and honestly I feel like if he lets me go, I can let go too. why do you think he's still holding on, if he's obviously not going to change? :(


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What Guys Said 1

  • why are you trying to change him?

    if you love you should love him for who he is not for who you want to be.

    just a wild guess here but I think his immaturity is one of the reasons you fell for him

    there must be a reason you are trying to get rid of him

    if you realy can't stand him tell him that "if you realy love me, then let me go"


What Girls Said 1

  • No one can change for good. If he is going to change, it will just for getting you back and this will be just temporally.

    The reason why he still can keep getting into your life and your head is because you let it happen. Keep the highest level of your self-respect and inner strenght, cut all type of contacts and communication. How could he come back to annoy you, if you cannot see him?


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