Girls, How would you handle this after break up talk when you don't want things to completely end, but mostly understand why they did it?

A week ago i went through a breakup, at the time we had no way to talk about it, basically she was able to tell me what was needed and I was able to just say a couple things. She has had way too much going on, and didn't feel like she was able to give me what I deserve. I'll be honest, she has had too much going on currently, and we have had little time alone. We are getting together for an evening to talk about things in about a week.

I don't want things to completely end. I want to suggest a break, focusing on ourselves, going back to going on dates when we have the chance instead of Overnight. And agreeing to not date other people. Looking back, things were moving too fast for both of us, especially involving children.

this was a breakup that did not involve any kind of fight, everything was due to things beyond our control. Thing is, at my age and my past relationships, none have ever seemed to be as right as this one was


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