His ex was in his recent contacts?

I was looking at my guys phone last night (not snooping, we were joking around and he was there) and clicked on his ex's contact and saw "Remove from recent contacts" on it. I asked him about it and he said the last they talked was in October when they traded some things back.. I saw him go into the contact and click "delete contact" like he was trying to sneakily do that without me noticing, then went back into his main contact list and showed me the part where here name was and claimed he deleted it months ago, or thought so. He said he doesn't know why she's in recent contacts.

I know when I go on my iphone ill see some contacts on 'suggested' that i actually have not talked to or texted for months, and i get annoyed seeing old names. Do you think he has been contacting his ex, or did recently? How can I get the truth form him?

by the way he dated his ex for three months and dated me for a year and a half and now is bak with me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like your both wrong.

    • uh how?

    • You shouldn't be in in his phone and it does not matter if he's talking to his ex does it? Unless he is Fucking her.

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  • Maybe he is still in contacts with her


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