How can I be more chill about life?

So i am typically a pretty chill person to be around, but certain things can REALLY irritate me, like i always feel like i need to be right when i know a friend is wrong and i call them out and they continue to believe their false belief i just really try to convince them of my way and try to show them how they are wrong, which ends up irritating me and then a lot, also whenever a close friend calls me out for something that isn't s big deal but they make it a big deal it makes me sad, how can i be more chill and not care as much about these things?


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  • You already know what ticks you. So try to avoid getting into those scenarios and accept things you can't change. Learn relaxation techniques and focus on your physical reaction at the moment and try to reverse it by not focusing on the issue that is bothering you.


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  • I've never really been 'chill'. I've always been sort of hot headed and arrogant. You have a stronger personality and you'll learn this as you get older. You're going to do A LOT of maturing between the ages of 16-21. You'll learn a lot about yourself.

    From experience I can tell you that..

    1) You're going to piss a lot of people off. Learn how to genuinely be interested in people's lives and listen to what others have to say.

    2) You're going to attract a lot of women with daddy issues. You have a personality that would be seen as domineering to a lot of women. The type of girls that love to be put in their place and humiliated. Nothing is wrong with these types of women. Most women are submissive by nature but you'll be attracted the ones that are of the highest extent with this.

    3) You're going to cultivate an ego throughout the years. A touch of arrogance is actually beneficial to you in a lot of ways. BUT... If you let that ego take over completely, you'll end up losing a lot of friends. Control it.


    Honestly, embrace who you are. Don't try to act like something you are not. You'll be wasting a lot of time by doing that. You'll meet new friends.


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  • Weed, water, more sleep

  • I am the most insanely chill, to the point that people always think I'm stoned even though i don't smoke weed.

    in every situation i just think'how does this effect me' and if it doesn't then i just don't worry about it. maybe try that 😂


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