Don't you find this weird??

well my ex-girlfriend and my present girlfriend used to be best friends and the funny part is that they still are...even after all the initial fuss, crying and curses. its not like I want to break their friendship up and I do like my girl but its getting all too weird for I over-reacting?


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  • You are complaining that your ex and current girl get along?That there is no drama?I am sorry, shouldnt that be a good thing?It means they care for each other,they care for you, and want all parties involved to be happy,not hurt, keep drama to a minimum and more importantly not lose the people they value. And if they were best friends before you, why wouldn't they be after you?Friends are like family, they don't go anywhere, at least not the true ones.And they were smart enough to not let a guy come between what they had built.

    • Yeah I hear you, but there was a lot of drama in the beggining and it looked like they would not even utter each others names but after some months of silence.....all was forgotten.anyways I guess you are almost rite. thank you

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  • thats so strange, maybe they are planning to murder you and chop up your body


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