How bad is it I don't let my boyfriend talk or see any other girls but me?

We have been going out for 2 years and we lived together for the first year and are planning to move in with each other again soon. We had some rough spots where these girls that were friends of his said they had sex with him when we were going out. He says it isn't true but I don't believe him (even though these girls went as far as writing a book about me and did a lot to try and ruin my life) it's been a year and I still don't trust him I still think about these things and I don't even allow him to talk to any girls let alone see them. I won't even let him add them on Facebook I try to prevent any contact. Is this too crazy ? I think I might just be insecure and afraid he will hurt me but he says I'm his girlfriend he'd never cheat on me. Should I believe him ? I worry all day when he goes out still but I don't want to break up, what do I do?


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  • i don't see how he can put up with you for long


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  • Alot of guys say they won't cheat but a lot of guys are jerks but it might just be these girls might be jealous or have seduced him there is no easy way to be sure about this. In my personal opinion you should talk things through with him but make it clear to him you stand for any fooling around with any other girls and if he admits to doing it leave him he will only keep hurting you


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  • If you have the intention to be with him in a long term relationship, I think on my opinion you have to be his side. I am not mean to say that you have to believe everything but rather at least you are on his side and not to be controling and unconciously abuse him mentally by your improper attitude.Your jealousy and insecure feeling about him will sooner make him suffocate and fading his true feeling for you. Therefore chances for you to be with him will in trouble and you might lose him. Love and relationship is about to trust and freedom ( Be realistic), but if you keep it in a box, it will die and lose its glow. I think your relationship is in the 'End- Zone', so hope you are smart enough though.


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