Flirting with girl right in front of me?

There is a guy I'm interested in. Whenever we see each other we always flirt and there's a natural chemistry. Sometimes he'll hint at going out or hanging out somewhere but then never gets as far as asking. I was at a party the other evening and we were chatting and he stayed near me for the majority of the night, until I left the room for a little while, and a girl who is interested in him arrived. He spoke to her for the rest of the night and ignored me until he left and then he hugged me and told me goodbye.

I'm going to sound stupid here but what gives? Is he trying to make me jealous, or let me know he's not interested in me? I don't get it.


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  • From a guys point of view -

    He is interested in you, interested in getting you in the bedroom.

    You can think it's harsh or what not but it's the truth. He sounds like most men. If a guy is interested in someone and wants to hook up, they get to flirting and hopefully he gets some.

    Guys will do this with as many woman that will let him do it. Just like you said, once you left the room and the other one showed up, boom, he has to get it from some where.

    I'm not trying to come off mean just speaking the truth. If he was interested in you and starting a serious relationship with you, trust me, that guy would show you and only you all the attention that he could. For example if that guy, wanted anything serious from you, as soon as you returned to the room he would have been right there to say how much he missed you while you was gone, even if you were gone just a few minutes.

    So if you are just looking for a hook up, go for it. If you want more from him like a serious relationship I would have to say your just going to get hurt.


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