How do you know when you truly loved an ex or if they were just what you were comfortable with?

My ex broke up with my late November and all I wanted for the following 2 months was to win him back. I told him I would change I would get upset less I would do whatever I could to "prove" to him that I could be better. Well, come February there was no progress in fact he was more distant and I started reflecting on our good times and bad times and thinking of how it was more often than not that I was either dissapointed in him, annoyed, or angry about something. We seemed to have it all right and we seemed to be truly happy but there were sooo many times in between that I just didn't feel truly in love, I questioned my feelings for him almost everytime I saw him.

I dont know if this had to do with me, like an internal thing, or if I just didn't love him fully. Also, I still want him back knowing how we were and I don't know if it's for the sake of knowing I can get him back, having my comfort zone back, or if it's because I truly love him. I know I loved him and I know I still care about him but everything is all distant now and I don't even know what I really feel for him... any advice?
Something I do want to add is he is my longest relationship so far, 3 years, and I don't even know if I know what being in real love feels like.


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  • don't try to tell him that you will change for him or whatever, just tell him how you feel after loosing him. If you truly love him you will definitely succeed in getting him back otherwise let it go. this is life my dear, deal with it


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