I still think of him 9 months after Break up. Does he still hate me?

Hi guys, My ex dumped me 9 months ago after a fight. Later he told me he wasn't ready to settle down, he wants a selfish life. Even though he loves me, he wanted no commitment anymore, he wanted his freedom and independence. He is 28 and just graduated, we both wanted to move in together. To be honest, It came very unexpectedly. After a 2 year relationship he broke up with me via text and cut me off completely.
I:'m still sad, i feel like I didn't mean much to him. I loved him very much and felt his love as well. I got no closure.. I know you will say move on. well I did a good job till now, I graduated as well, moved to another city, found a job, went to gym and travelled. But now the feelings came back, i avoided them pretty much at the beginning. I miss him, I'm asking myself how he is doing, whether he misses me as well or not. I know nothing about him, only saw a picture.. he grew a beard.
What do you guys think, will he ever contact me again? Like I said, i wasn't a bad girlfriend, very barely had fight, I supported him. Gave him money, when he was broke. But at the end he got angry, very cold.. mean. like I was a cheater or a bad human being.
Have you had similar situations? Is it possible that he still thinks about me and doesn't hate me? He is friends with all of his exes. I am his only ex he cut off:(


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  • Maybe he cut ya off because he still has feelings for ya
    Why not reach out to him if ya miss him?

  • you haven't moved on


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