Explain the behavior of him?

My ex dumped me months ago because he said he lost feelings. He had been ignoring me at school for months. He switched to my lunch and I was about to sit down when he stands up from a distance and was moving his mouth (talking to his friends) and then stops and stares at me. We hold eye contact for seconds without smiling. I didn't even realize he was staring at me. Did he stand up because he wanted me to see him?


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  • Thats nothing important. Your are his ex and just stares


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  • Because you said when he first stood up, he was still talking to his friends, it doesn't sound like he stood up so that you could see him. It's not even clear that he had seen you yet. And it doesn't necessarily mean anything if your eyes met when he saw you because you were obviously looking at him. A few seconds isn't that long.


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