Girls, What are your feelings and thoughts after you initiate the break up?

Week ago my girlfriend texted me, said she can't give me what I deserve, that she has too much going on and needs to work on herself. She said that she knows the whole "its not you its me" saying is horrible, but that she is completely honest that it is her. She told me it is very hard for her to tell me this because of how much she cares about me.

She does have a lot going on, and almost no time to herself, literally at all and I know that these things have not been able to be put off. We were going to have problems the next couple weeks to find time to see each other, if at all.

I told her I understood and would give her time to take care of herself, told her I didn't want things to end. I also told her that to discuss further, it would be in person, as I didn't want to know if it was completely the end or not over text. 2 days later she texted me to see how I was. We have kept in touch a little since. we have plans to go out for dinner and to talk the night after they get back from seeing her parents.

Everything being done over text, I have no idea how she is feeling, and as I've never initiated a break up before, no clue what people feel after they do. I've kept all of my texts positive, she too, conversations have been light as I don't want to discuss things until in person. I have tried not to let her know how crushed I actually am over it.


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  • depends on the girl


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