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Me and my ex broke up a couple months ago. Recently i talked to her and its clear she still has feelings for me. She tries to act tough but i know her well and she definitely does. Showing jealousy, and even trying to make it clear she's not seeing anybody even when i didn't ask if she was. I also know she's been trying to avoid me cuz when we are actually together she can never stay mad and we always make up, and i guess she's avoiding me cuz she knows that would happen.

So my question is ladies, if you have feelings for somebody, you want them to know you're still single, and you act jealous at the idea of them being with other women, then why the fuck would you keep trying to avoid seeing them? Like the relationship wasn't abusive or anything so its not like she's trying to keep from falling back into an abusive situation. Opinions?


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  • Its something she's skeptical ab that she doesn't wanna get back into I would try asking her what or why

    • I did she won't tell me any type of information. But like i can understand if she doesn't want to get back together but what i dont understand is why tell me she's still single, act jealous and all that if she doesn't want to get back together. Those are clear signals of wanting to.

    • Keep trying her feelings aren't all the way gone yet

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