Am I overreacting about this? Or should I think about some things?

So earlier this week I went to the doctors and I found out that I gained 20 pounds over the past year mainly because I've been in a relationship. So I told my boyfriend and at first he seemed supportive of the fact that I'm going on a strict diet. So I met up with my boyfriend at his job at lunch and we were having a good time and all of a sudden he starts bringing up my weight and saying how 20 pounds is unhealthy and I'm telling him that Im already back to my workout regimes and my diet. Mind you he isn't in the best shape himself. As I'm eating I'm really feeling like he's ashamed of me that I gained so much weight and he's telling me that I look fine and it doesn't look like I gained any weight but then a minute later he starts jiggling my arm fat and he's like damnnn and of course I'm in my feelings cause I gained so much weight and he's telling me to lighten up and that I'm overreacting and that I'm making him feel like the bad person. So he's pissed. And I'm trying to tell him that I'm so hard on myself and disappointed because 2 years ago I had a eating disorder and that I would work so hard at losing weight that I wouldn't eat anything. And he starts mocking that I had it and saying it's impossible that I had an eating disorder cause I would still have it til this day. So now I'm conflicted am I in the wrong here? Or do I have the right to be upset?


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  • You have the right to be upset. On the other hand, while I think he... could have handled this much, much better, i'm prepared to chalk it up to ignorance. He's not perfect. He sometimes responds wrong. He sometimes may get upset. Just like you.

    If he's normally a decent guy, just recognize he may not understand fully, but is any case supportive and go with it.

    If this is just one more case of him being an asshole, that would be something different.

    Also good luck with your loss. I'm dropping weight right now too, sucks but its working so hey.


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  • he's an ass, and you definitely have the right to be upset.

    if you have a shred of self-respect, lose this loser asap.


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  • even if you change he won't notice anything.
    If he feels ashamed while you're around... then he won't accept you whether you lose weight or not.
    If that relationship made ignore your health, and get overweight... then you have to think about how to get rid of the source of that weight.

    try to be easy on yourself.

    Good luck...

  • He is an insensitive jerk. I would never say of pull the stuff he did knowing how sensitive you are to your weight gain (which really isn't that much).


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